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I doodle a lot, but I never actually put them up-- No that's a lie, I spam this journal plenty and my blog as well, but trust me, I could put up a lot more. But since that would suck, and I found out this name wasn't taken so I hoarded it I made an art journal for both doodles and complete works:


It's free to friend for everyone if you want to see my scribbled lines that I claim to be drawings. \o/ And now to actually work on stuff.

Gone Camping!
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So! This will be a very short post cause there's nothing much to muse about. Except for maybe the fact I have school coming up very soon, next Thursday god why. Anyways. Gonna be gone this Saturday, Sunday, and will be back Monday from church camp! Which my dad signed us up for without telling the family even though we do not want to have anything to do with it!

My dad's very in touch with us that way. Not that he ISN'T... But he tends to spring things like that on me at the last minute and it's very tl;dr. Thankfully it'll be a short trip and maybe shenanigans will occur who knows.

I hope church children do not swarm me.

Also, my sister and I went to the library yesterday and got a bunch of novels to read so we could do more than surf the web. I finished five novels in one day.

I don't think I'll ever do that again. O.O

Stained One
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Because I've been feeling creepy lately and I wanted to work on a visual novel with actual choices...

Proof I have too much time on my handsCollapse )

Eeeeyuuup. Most of the info and WIP progress can be found here. Thankfully, two people have volunteered to help proofread my work thank god.

Just letting peeps know what I'm up to.

Forgive this spam on your f-lists.



I would like feedback on my short story/kinetic novel very much. *_________* I'm just happy I finished it!

(no subject)
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Okay, things to do...

→ Finish reading stuff for AP Lit and buy notebooks to do assignment.
→ Finish [Phase Shift]. Just a bit more writing and some art and it should be done by the end or middle of this month.
→ Finish paintings
→ Try to go jogging around the neighborhood every morning
→ Sketching!

... Lots of things to finish this summer aside from looking up colleges and whatnot. Better get cracking.

(no subject)
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Instead of playing Katawa Shoujo like I have been doing in the last few minutes, I need to start:

* Writing one page reflection for English
* Finish writing for [Phase Shift]
* Vacuum my room
* Finish rest of my Pre-Cal hw.

Hrm, it's gonna be a busy weekend... But thankfully only a few more days of school left. Awesome. Overall, I think my grades are fine, much better than how they turned out last year. I sorta slacked off in US History, so ending up with a grade that doesn't really please me, but it'll be okay. (Although I wonder if my teacher added in the written final along with my MC final...? I better ask her about that.)

Bah, I dislike it when teachers give you crap to do during the last few days of school. It's so tedious. =A= Ironically enough, this has been the slowest week of the whole year.

On the bright side, I'm getting a tablet tomorrow! *A*A* Dad saw how well the tablet I was borrowing from my friend worked and said I can get one. *___*

Bad End or what
MY GD VN IS ALMOST DONE. This is such cool shiznat that I should sell it. Except not because it's not that cool. But hey, a VN's a VN. It's getting longer than I thought though. But look, I made a game menu screen-picture thing! (If that doesn't sound retarded, I don't know what is.)

Shameless Pimping yeaaaaaaahhhhh!Collapse )

So yeah, I was adding more writing today and now I'm 60% done! I'll probably working on [Phase Shift] all week since I don't really have any finals in my classes except for Pre-Calculus annnd... French 2 I guess? Oral final is this Friday though so maybe there won't be a final at the end of school. Only one more week. ONE MORE WEEK.

Also, after [Phase Shift] I'm going to work on another VN called A Minute to Midnight. Why do I do this to myself.

Hm, gonna start finishing that landscape painting and see where I can sell it... Maybe I could sell that other anime painting I have too.

... I should sleep! And have horrible dreams caused by Night of the Forget-Me-Nots VN, why did I play that. Gonna be dreaming of hands in bloody toilets. 'A'

Original//Sing to me a song of life
I'll talk more about my trip to the East Coast tomorrow cause my head hurts and I got tags to do. Need to be more active at rhythmonhigh I am totally failing with activity there. Anyways, the airline we were on, Virgin America had sweet channels to watch, but good lord, the landings are one of the worst EVER.

Also. Yale has no elevators. NO GD ELEVATORS. Imagine how much I cried with joy when I saw the elevators at the Holiday Inn Express.

The sun'll be out, TOMORROW...!
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All righty, thank god I'm done packing for the trip to New York tomorrow. You people won't be hearing from me on the Internets for a while, at least not until May 27, Wednesday. Man, I didn't think the trip would be THAT long. Then again, I also had no idea that my cousin graduating from Yale had a bunch of things for us to do. Hell, I might even go to a ball even. (I'll try to take pictures and put them up maybe!? That will be a first, gonna be wearing a blue velvet dress.)

Had a strange urge to cut up some of my tee-shirts that are baggy or had high collars that annoyed me. So now I have a grand total of five off shoulder shirts, yay.

Hrm. I've been spending too much money on manga so going to have to be able to save better. Or see if I could sell a painting to one of my family members. I started working on another acrylic painting because the one I'm making for the student gallery in Laguna is boring me even though I'm ALMOST done. Needed another painting to ease said boredom. School overall is fine. Can you believe I have never watched Forrest Gump until US History? Yeah, now I feel ashamed of myself.

I'll work on my requests from ages ago on the plane ride. Hope there's in-flight movies that aren't crappy.


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